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Welcome to the Jurca Plans West website, home of the real 100% scale replica fighters. This site is dedicated to Marcel Jurca, and Kenneth Heit the original founders of Jurca Plans West. 

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A Quote From Don Dwiggins Book "Build Your Own Sport Plane" 1975

"Some of the most beautiful replicas flying today are the result of imaginative design work by Marcel Jurca, a French engineer with a flair for poetry in line.  According to Kenneth Heit, of Mt. Morris Michigan, who represents Jurca in this country, he started off early in his career with a Jodel, adopting his basic design concept for his sleek, low-winged Tempete and Sirocco homebuilts.  From this style of construction he graduated to scaled "minifighters".  Marcel Jurca's replica planes are works of art in themselves, strictly off-the-cuff amateur drawings, full of funny cartoons but loaded with all the technical data you need to perform a sound construction job.  Ken Heit foresees the day when Jurca minifighters will give Curtis Pitts a run for the money in aerobatic competition. "That's exactly the way Jurca's done it all up.""

A Article From Plane & Pilot "Marcel's Mini Fighters" 1972 (Please click on Page to enlarge)

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